The Bleeding Edge of the Empire

Trouble Brewing

The groups first bounty hunt

They landed the YT-1300 on the planet Formos and stepped out into the harsh, dry environment, they are looking for the Aqualish Smuggler Baron named Dobah, there is quite a lovely price on his head. Within a few minutes they meet an interesting and amicable fellow named Lance Mountain who immediately spots a fellow smuggler and kindred spirit in Adoume, they talk briefly and he directs them to the cantina to gather info. On the way they discover a dying droid in a trash compactor in an alleyway, they discover form him that his companion, an R4-W9, containing valuable atlas data about the hyperspace routes around the Kessel Run, has been abducted by the very gang they are after. The droid promptly dies in spite of the crews valiant attempt to save him. In the cantina they quickly find trouble with some thugs and are able to follow a stranger to a warehouse where the leader has escaped to. They are discovered by another group of smugglers and thugs spying in on the warehouse and a firefight breaks out. After an incredible streak of bad luck the adventurers finally get the best of the gang and their attention is drawn to a bag worn on the back of the now-dead leader….. what does it contain? Where will they proceed from here?


butterbaste butterbaste

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